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Born in the Thirties Sweets Mini Gift Box

Born in the Thirties Sweets Mini Gift Box

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Re-visit the 1930s with this mini gift box full of old fashioned sweets, a little doze of of nostalgia. Versions of all of these sweets were available in the 1930's. Our  old fashioned sweets selection makes a great 90th birthday gift, or is also perfect for  special occasions such as Christmas, Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

The inside of this letterbox friendly Mini Gift Box is attractively presented, with a colourful themed picture on the inside of the lid and matching tissue paper. We can also include a personalised note from you to the recipient if required. This Sweets Gift Box can be posted direct to you or to an alternative delivery address, and makes a perfect birthday gift.

We only use genuine brands and ensure that all products selected are well within their use by dates. All sweets within this range are individually wrapped by the manufacturer so you can be sure that the first hands to touch them are either yours or the recipient of this gift. We will also provide you with ingredient details and Best Before dates within the box.Please note that some of these products may contain traces of nuts

This gift box is not suitable for vegetarians as some of the products contain gelatine. If you wish to buy this box for a vegetarian please let us know, as we may be able to swap the offending items with something more veggie friendly.

This Gift Box Contains:-
Cadburys Dairy Milk Little Bar
Aniseed Balls
Dolly Mixtures
Walkers Toffee Bar- Original Creamy flavour
Frys Peppermint Cream
Edinburgh Rock Sticks- Assorted colours
Buchanons Chocolate Caramels
Mint Imperials


Some of the products contained within this box may contain allergens such as Nuts,Soya, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs and sulphites. Full ingredients for each product are listed on the back of the gift box. All unwrapped sweets are weighed in an environment that handles soya, gluten, dairy, eggs and sulphites. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact us as it may be possible to make substitutions.
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