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We create the perfect sweets gift for any occasion

Hello, we are Letterbox Friendly Limited we sell retro sweets which fit through you letterbox, our sweets gift boxes are durable enough to travel around the world. We create our retro sweets gift boxes in our very own sweet shop, Bay Sweets and Gifts, based in the coastal town of Whitley Bay.

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Different designs

Our Sweets and Chocolate based retro gifts have over 50 different design options for all occasions, such as celebrating a loved ones birthday, providing Christmas candy gifts for the family or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. Whether it's sending your grandma on a trip down memory lane with some old traditional sweets like Midget Gems and a Sherbet Fountain, or just putting a big smile on your child’s face with some strawberry millions and a yellow belly snake, we've got things covered, with our traditional sweets gift boxes and our kids sweets selections

Different selections for taste or dietary needs

As well as covering a full range of occasions including Christmas, Fathers Day and Mothers Day. We also have high quality sweets gift boxes themed around Easter and Eid. Our retro sweet boxes also cater for specialist dietary requirements such as gluten free and dairy free. We also carry a full range of halal and vegetarian sweets. All of our boxes will fit through a standard uk letterbox and you can even specify which of our labels you want on there!

Add a personalised message to your gift

Our Gift boxes can be sent to any of your loved ones door with ease, All you need to do is tell us where they live and we do the rest. We can also add any personalised message that you require to enhance the unique nature of the gift that you choose.

Letterbox Friendly

Our Gift boxes are "letterbox friendly" meaning that they will fit through most letterboxes, We also offer some products which will not, in our products listings you will see the below icons giving you an indication of how letterbox friendly a specific product is.

letterbox friendly
This gift box will fit almost all letterboxes.
ninety percent letterbox friendly
This gift box will fit through about 90% of UK letterboxes.
not letterbox friendly
This gift will not fit through your letterbox.