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born in the sweets selection

Letterbox Friendly for Sweets, Gifts and Greeting Through the Letterbox.

Letterbox Friendly specialises in postal gifts, mostly sweets related, which fit through a letterbox. They are ideal as a birthday gift, any celebration, a valentines gift, mothers day and particularly fathers day, Dads love sweets! The Born in the range make a particularly popular birthday gift. So much better than a greetings card.

sweets suprise
  • All our postal gifts are packaged in our specially made boxes so that they fit through most letterboxes.
  • If you want us to send one of our gift boxes to someone else, no problem, just let us know when you make an order.
  • All our gifts boxes are sent by First Class Royal Mail to UK addresses and by Air Mail to overseas addresses.
  • We can add a personalised message too.
  • Our packaging is tough and is as low impact to the environment as possible.
  • We deliver all over the world and our gift always arrive in good condition.
  • If you have any comments, ideas, feedback, perhaps requests for greeting labels please click here... comments and ideas
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retro sweets gift boxes

In 2008 we came up with the notion of sweets which fit through the letterbox and started Letterbox Friendly.

60’s 70’s and 80’s retro sweets were the first sweets we sold in this way and the products met with immediate success. We produced two sizes a Mini and a Large and had boxes specially made for us to meet the requirements of the UK letterbox.

sentiment gift boxes

Our next step was to produce designs that customers could send to friends and family to express a sentiment or to celebrate a special occasion.

Later a chat with friends produced our most popular range, our Decade boxes or the “Born in the…” Range. These have sweets in them that were available in those decades, but with different packaging and branding! They are a fabulous gift and conjure up memories of the past for the recipient. forties decade sweetssweets from the past For example in the Thirties box we have a bag of Pontefract Cakes which have been around for 100’s of years, in the forties box we have Fry’s and Cadburys chocolate bars, both over100 years old and we have sherbet fountains in many of the boxes, they seem to survive the ages and were first produced in I 925. Caramac is also a must and features in several of the boxes of the appropriate decade.

candy striped sweets gift box

We also have a range of Candy Striped Gift Sweet boxes with more specific sweets selections to cater foe various tastes and selections of sweets for food intolerances, like gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance or dietary preferences like vegetarian or vegan.

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