Sweets, Gifts and Greetings which fit through the letterbox

Our Delivery Approach

Why Letterbox Friendly?

Have you ever had to:-

  • Wait in all day for a delivery?
  • Queue for hours at the post office depot to pick up a package?
  • Pay extra to choose a delivery time?
  • Rely on the goodwill of your neighbours?
  • Risk leaving packages outside your house?
  • Pay over the odds for more packaging than you need?

If youíve answered yes to any of the above, then youíll know how this can take the shine off a gift someone may have sent you. At letterboxfriendly.co.uk, we want to extend the convenience of buying on line right through to the end delivery. Therefore all of our gift boxes are specifically designed to fit through a standard letterbox.

Whatís a standard letterbox?

letterboxfriendly package size

The dimensions of a standard letterbox are shown to the right. Approximately 90% of all letterboxes in the UK meet these standards, and all our boxes have been designed to meet this standard.

Unfortunately a small minority of letterboxes do not meet this standard and as a result our largest pack size may not fit through them. Therefore it may pay to check if you are unsure.

Price in Proportion guidelines

In line with Royal Mail Price in Proportion guidelines, listings for all our packaging products will include detail on which pricing category the boxes fall within. If you are looking to keep postage costs down, check out our Medium Delivery boxes, which fall within the Large Letter price range.

The box

We only use one box when sending out our products. This box has a dual purpose as it is a delivery box on the outside and a gift box on the inside. We deliberately do this for 2 reasons

  • Because our boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox, and letterboxes arenít very big, we donít want to waste space by including unnecessary packaging. This means we can fit more sweets in for you to enjoy.
  • By only using one box we minimise the amount of packaging we have to use, so that we can be as friendly to the planet as possible. For this reason we also only use paper based products for all our internal packaging, and avoid the use of plastic altogether. The only plastic youíll find in our products are the sweet wrappers supplied by the manufacturers.

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