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Sweet Shop

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At the Sweet Shop, we do exactly what the name suggests, we sell just sweets, but we do it our way.

  • We only sell sweets direct from our High Street sweets shop Bay Sweets and Gifts, this ensures a high turnover and therefore freshness.
  • We only sell quality brands with good best before dates.
  • We are completely clear about the costs, all prices include Delivery and VAT.
  • We sell sweets in two pack sizes, small and large (for weigh out sweets they contain 300g and 800g).
  • We only use our own robust Letterbox Friendly packaging, to make delivery to you as simple, cost effective and as low impact to the environment as possible.
  • We sell great sweets, did I mention that!..... And the piccy above, that's part of our groovy sweets shop.